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“You are more than just a number to us.” - Team Mongin

The most knowledgeable I've ever seen in the business. They are all very competent and know how to protect your assets but not sell you more than you need. They answer their phone and return messages promptly. They are good listeners and hard workers. By far the best insurance agents I've ever worked with.

Cory I. – Insured

I'm writing on behalf of Baird Creek Preservation Foundation, a non-profit foundation in Green Bay. We reached out to several insurance agencies when we needed a quote and I can say that Mongin Insurance went above and beyond from the first time I contacted them, as well as in how they have continued to handle our business. The customer service, friendliness, patience, and professionalism we have been treated with from Joe Mongin and the rest of the team is unparalleled. I only wish we had more business to give them so we could work with them more often!

Hollie B. – Insured

Joe Mongin is a real insurance pro. I came to him for business insurance and again for personal insurance. The team at Mongin Insurance is polite and prompt. Glad I met them. Knowledge is power.

John G. – Insured

My experience dealing with Joe Mongin and Mongin Insurance has been 125% positive. I use Mongin Insurance for my personal needs as well as the exclusive insurance provider I refer to clients, customers and friends. Mongin Insurance is the leader in price, service, and coverage in all insurance applications. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to educate the consumer on their needs, not just put them in a product they know nothing about. Referring people to Mongin Insurance makes me look like I am on top of my game, everyone is satisfied and grateful I brought them together! The team at Mongin Insurance will treat you like you’re family.

Taylor H. – Realtor

I switched over to Steve at Mongin after a family member recommended them to me and now I will be a lifelong customer that recommends them to anybody else looking for an insurance provider.

Ross C. – Insured

As a first time home buyer, homeowners insurance was obviously something new to us, and that unfamiliarity made us nervous. We were referred to Joe at Mongin Insurance, and those nerves immediately dissipated. We knew we wouldn't find any other insurance agency that would look out for our best interest the way Joe does. He does a phenomenal job of getting you the best coverage your situation calls for, at a rate that is unmatched. Mongin will always put what's in the best interest for you and your family before putting an extra dime in their pockets. Thank you, Joe and Mongin Insurance.

Tony K. – Insured

Our experience with Luke Mongin has been nothing but top notch! Luke informed us everytime something was better or less expensive. He was very knowledgeable. If he didn’t know an answer he had one in a prompt manner. We have been super satisfied. Our previous coverage was well below par. Luke upgraded us and stayed in our price range. I have recommended Mongin Insurance to a variety of friends and family!

Patty L. – Insured

We thought insurance was all pretty much the same until our dog bit a tiny hole in a black pen which left a black spot in the middle of our white carpet. After trying to get it out with everything suggested on the internet, we had professionals come in. They could not remove it either. The professional suggested we call the insurance company. During the first phone call, we were told that when you bring a pet into your home, you are responsible for any damage they do. Five days later we received, yes they called us, a phone call from the insurance company. They reviewed our case and determined that our dog ruined the pen, but the pen ruined the carpet! So, thank you to Mongin Insurance Agency and West Bend Insurance, we have new carpet and pad. Our experience was 200% over the top.

John and Laurie V. – Insureds

This company treats and makes you feel like family. Moving forward in life you will need to find a company to trust with many or all your insurance needs. Mongin Insurance is your one stop shop. you'll never regret it and they make it so easy. You'll be floored and committed after your first visit. #10starreview

Jason L. – Insured

I first went to Luke Mongin in July of 2015 after I received an accepted offer on my first home. Being 25 and a new home buyer I did not know anything. Luke was absolutely great! He went over all the cover plans, pricing, details etc. I bundled my car with my home owners insurance and he worked with all parties involved to make it happen. I then got married and once again, and we needed Luke so we could add my husband's car and my ring on the insurance plan. Once again Luke was fast, within a day I think everything was taken care of! I am now purchasing a new home and once again- he responded within minutes and just like that I was all set with my new insurance. His response time is always efficient, which is real nice in a crunch! On top of that he truly does care! I recommended him to the girl buying my house and she too is going through him! I feel safe knowing that if an emergency were to happen (let's hope not) that Luke would be just a phone call away and would be helping us every step of the way!

Kristi H. – Insured

Fantastic experience. My wife and I worked with Steven to buy life insurance. He patiently walked us through all the options, answered our questions and helped us come up with a plan for the right amount of coverage, without us feeling any pressure. The cost of the coverage was very competitive and we feel really good that if anything ever goes wrong, Steven and his brothers will be there to advocate for us and make sure we are taken care of. Highly recommend.

Sean F. – Insured

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