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Our experience with Luke Mongin has been nothing but top notch! Luke informed us everytime something was better or less expensive. He was very knowledgeable. If he didn’t know an answer he had one in a prompt manner. We have been super satisfied. Our previous coverage was well below par. Luke upgraded us and stayed in our price range. I have recommended Mongin Insurance to a variety of friends and family!

Patty L – Insured

My husband and I were referred to Mongin Insurance by my mother-in-law. She has been a long time customer of Mongin and had nothing but nice things to say. When we were renewing our home owners and auto we thought we would give them a try. Our experience going forward has been positive and we look forward to a long relationship with Mongin Insurance.

Jennifer and Jason B – Insureds

My wife and I were referred to Mongin Insurance by our Banker. We did not realize that an insurance agent could achieve the high level of service that Mongin Insurance provided. I was surprised to find out that our coverage increased and the cost dropped. Thank you so much. Me,my wife and our children will be customers for life.

Chad and Lori C – Insureds

I thought that I was being well covered with a previous insurance company, but after speaking to Luke in terms that I could understand, I realized I wasn’t covered very well. Since I made the change to Mongin Insurance, I have saved money and gained a considerable amount of coverage! I am confident that I am getting the most personalized, professional, honest service in insurance. I highly recommend Mongin Insurance to anyone looking to save money and gain excellent service! I have already referred several of my friends and family. Once again, THANK YOU!!

Tami P – Insured

We thought insurance was all pretty much the same until our dog bit a tiny hole in a black pen which left a black spot in the middle of our white carpet. After trying to get it out with everything suggested on the internet, we had professionals come in. They could not remove it either. The professional suggested we call the insurance company. During the first phone call, we were told that when you bring a pet into your home, you are responsible for any damage they do. Five days later we received, yes they called us, a phone call from the insurance company. They reviewed our case and determined that our dog ruined the pen, but the pen ruined the carpet! So, thank you to Mongin Insurance Agency and West Bend Insurance, we have new carpet and pad. Our experience was 200% over the top.

John and Laurie V. – Insureds

My experience with Mongin Insurance has been superb. I have referred many of my friends and family to Mongin Insurance and will continue to do so. Luke explained my insurance policy in a professional, yet understandable manner. It was clear he took the time to do thorough research in order to give me the best service and insurance policy possible. Not only was he able to give me better coverage, but in addition, he beat his competitor by providing me a top notch price.

Kacie S – Insured

My experience dealing with Joe Mongin and Mongin Insurance has been 125% positive. I use Mongin Insurance for my personal needs as well as the exclusive insurance provider I refer to clients, customers and friends. Mongin Insurance is the leader in price, service, and coverage in all insurance applications. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to educate the consumer on there needs, not just put them in a product they know nothing about. Referring people to Mongin Insurance makes me look like I am on top of my game, everyone is satisfied and grateful I brought them together! The team at Mongin Insurance will treat you like you’re family.

Taylor H – Realtor